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                      waqyo44.icu Mobile

                        (866) 4ELIYAH 

                      Dear Visitor,

                      This is a place which is dedicated to serving all who seek to worship and serve the Heavenly Father in Spirit and Truth. 

                      The materials on this website are written to bless, enlighten and encourage. It's not my intent to condemn anyone or promote any man or denomination.

                      I would encourage you to thoroughly search out the references given. I'm not claiming perfection in my understandings, abilities, or practices. I'm only desiring the truth...and the grace from above to walk it out. 

                      You'll find that I'm not in the mainstream, but how often in biblical history do we see the majority being right? So please prayerfully consider what I have to share, and if you think I'm in error, feel free to contact me. I do want the truth!

                      Scripture Calendar for 2020-21

                      A Biblical Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

                      Important Video & PowerPoint presentation
                      "Discovering the Hebrew Roots of Christianity"

                      In this full-length video, we will take a journey through the scriptures and examine the Hebraic Roots from a biblical perspective, seeking to discover what the Messiah and the first century believers were really like.

                      Download Video (183MB, Windows Media file)

                       Request FREE copy of this video on DVD



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                      12 Noon ET every Sabbath (Sat.)



                      Praise Music (live or recorded).


                      Scripture Studies with scriptures on PowerPoint & visual aids.


                      Live call in program

                          Web submitted comments & questions answered in real time

                      Fellowship in the chat room.

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                      dial (202)-800-9984.  Then at the prompt enter YAHWEH (924934).

                       "I show you a more excellent way"
                       1 Corinthians 12:31

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                      Weekly Live Video Broadcasts

                      Feast of Tabernacles

                      2018 - Photos | Video & Music posting Soon
                      2017 - Photos
                      2016 - Photos
                      2015 - Photos
                      2014 - Photos |
                      Video & Music
                      2013 - Photos |
                      Video & Music
                      2012 - Photos | Video & Music
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                      2008 - Photos | Audio & Music
                      2007 - Audio Studies & Music

                      Bible Tools & Other Helpful Resources

                      Strong's Concordance with Greek & Hebrew Lexicon

                      Online, searches full Hebrew/Greek lexicons! 

                      Free songbook using Yahweh & Yahushua

                      Download editable song book for family or group.


                      Scripture Software - For in-depth study of scripture

                      Audio Scriptures - Sacred name audio scriptures

                      Scripture Meditation - How are you feeling right now?


                      Audio - Scripture studies on audio

                      Music - Praise music using the true names!

                      Scripture Trivia - Can you pass the test?

                      NEW: Unclean Product Directory - For those who want to keep the body of Messiah undefiled



                      Is it Important to use the True, Original Names of
                      our Heavenly Father and the Messiah


                      YAHWEH, Tetragrammaton
                      What is this?

                      These four Hebrew letters are found about 7,000 times in the holy Scriptures..

                      For Those With Families

                      Fathers, Turn Your Hearts! | Espanol
                      Husbands, Love Your Wives!
                      Mothers and the Role of Women at Home
                      Wives, Submit to Yahweh!
                      Children Turn Your Hearts!

                       Divorce and Remarriage

                       Youth Zone

                       The Role of Women in the body of Messiah
                       (Read in German)

                       The Voice of an Unborn Child

                       The Holocaust

                      Biblical Observances VS. Pagan-rooted Tradition

                      2020-21 Biblical Calendar | Yahweh's calendar in the scriptures


                      Strengthening the Souls of the Disciples

                       Live Broadcast Archives
                       Who are Yahweh's true people? | RealAudio version
                       The importance of loving our brother
                       Video download of how to make tassels (tsit tsiyot)

                       Head Coverings
                       Spirit of The World 
                       Love Your Brother
                       The Sin of Pride
                       Guarding our Mouth
                       Grow in Yahweh
                       Trust in Yahweh
                       Overcoming Temptation
                       The Peace of the Father
                       The Mercy of Yahweh
                       The Danger of Murmuring
                       To Whom Shall We Go?
                       Learning from Examples
                       Tests, Trials, and Tribulations | Audio
                       The Media: Feeding our Minds, Warring the Spirit | German
                       A servant of Yahweh Must Not Strive
                       The Role of Women in the Body of Messiah |
                       Accusing and Bearing False Witness
                       Servanthood, Working for Yahweh
                       Prayer in the Life of a Believer



                      Whose Kingdom are you Building?


                       The Kingdom Message
                       Developing and Kingdom Vision
                       Gifts and Callings for the Kingdom
                       Who won't enter HIS kingdom?
                       Startling Facts about the Kingdom
                       Kingdom Building Forum

                      "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven..." Mark 6:20

                      Want to Minister to Others?


                       Open Treasury, An anonymous place to give alms

                       TRUTH TRACTS: Download & print...or request copies

                       Kingdom Building Forum

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                        +Book chapter verse

                        eg: +Genesis 1 1

                        The chat room program, `Watchman, will then quote the text.

                      Also 1998 version of "The Scriptures" online | Available for download with E-Sword.

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                      P.O. Box 1255
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                      Who is the author of this site? | How to Donate

                      Some have asked if it is okay to link to this website. Yes, feel free to add a link to the main page or any of the studies, articles or sections here.
                      Permission is also granted to distribute/reprint any of the studies here as long as they are not altered or changed in any way.

                      Psalms 115:1- Not to us, O Yahweh, not to us, but to Thy name give glory...

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